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Finding reputable companies can be like finding a needle in a haystack.  With all the false promises and small businesses that don’t even call you back when you leave a message, it can be frustrating to find what you’re looking for.  It’s so easy to just go ahead and pay a little more and give your business to a big corporation that doesn’t care about you as a client, but at least they’ll (most likely!) call you back.

That’s the inspiration for this page.  We want to showcase the local businesses that keep true to the American River Way in providing excellent products combined with stellar customer service.

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American River Cleaning Company

Sacramento’s Premier Cleaning Company for Residential and Commercial Needs

American River Cleaning Company is a crucial silo in the American River Home Services brand.  Pairing extremely well with junk removal, our cleaning company is able to provide incredibly competitive prices with quicker turnarounds for many of your projects that typically involve more than one vendor.  With our cleaning, we can’t be beat.  From quality, to price, to professionalism, American River Cleaning Company is set to raise the bar for competitiveness in the cleaning industry for Greater Sacramento.  Whether you have a commercial or residential property that you need cleaned, give us a call.  We answer the phones and deliver on promises.


Mendocino Management

50 Years of Qualified Expertise in the Business Management and Consulting Space

Mendocino Management was crucial in the development of the American River Brand.  Whether discussing strategy and growth or exploring the technicalities of proper formation, we wouldn’t be anywhere without this prestigious company.  With a hands on approach, they were able to dive deep into the complexities of our disheveled company and guide us toward the light at the end of the tunnel while providing us with smoother processes and significantly more profit margin.  Our relationship with this company is ongoing and we’re proud to recommend them to any small to medium sized company that’s looking to take the next step in their development.  We’re one of their biggest fans.

For more information, please visit https://mendocinomanagement.com or click the link above.

OC Hauling and Junk Removal

Southern California’s Premier Junk Removal Company

OC Hauling and Junk Removal really helped us get off the ground and running when we first started our company.  We know that Southern California is a long way from here, but we owe so much of who we are to this company.  After countless hours and questions and meals together with the founder, an old friend, he laid the framework for our budding company.  Always an ear, his generosity shows in the quality of his service.  Highly reviewed, OC Hauling and Junk Removal sets the bar for the level of professionalism in the waste management arena for Southern California.

For more information, please visit https://oc-junk.com or click the link above.