Why Do People Get Rid of Hot Tubs?

From Financial to Safety Reasons

Here are the top nine reasons why people get rid of hot tubs:

  1. Age and Wear
  2. High Maintenance Costs
  3. Increased Energy Bills
  4. Underutilization
  5. Moving to a New Home
  6. Upgrading to a New Model
  7. Health and Safety Concerns
  8. Changes in Lifestyle or Preferences
  9. Home Renovation or Landscaping
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Owning a junk removal company, we get rid of spas all the time for clients.  While we don’t typically ask clients the reason for their removal, many times they will come out and say it.  Here are the top reasons we’ve accumulated.

Age and Wear

Spas and hot tubs age like a nice glass of milk — not very well.  The older they get and the more wear they have the more unappealing they are to use.  They discolor, the padding gets ripped, and that doesn’t even mention the electronic or pump issues.

High Maintenance Costs

When it comes to maintaining a spa, there are many unexpected costs.  There is regular cleaning, chemical balancing, and repairs for electrical or mechanical problems that will arise.  We have found that rats and mice absolutely love building homes in the foam of spas, and they have a tendency to gnaw the wires.

Increased Energy Bills

Heating a hot tub requires a significant amount of energy.  Maintaining the heat of a tub is also expensive, depending on how energy efficient your spa is, and how expensive electricity is in your area.


Most people get a spa thinking that they’re going to use it a lot but end up only using it a handful of times.  They end up sitting in our clients backyards for years and years, accumulating dust and black widows before we end up getting called.

Moving to a New Home

Due to the aforementioned items, many home owners don’t like to take their tub.  That being said neither does the new home buyer!  We get calls all the time to remove spas for clients before they move into their new home.

Upgrading to a New Model

People who actually use their spa eventually find themselves looking for new ones after a few years.  While not only are newer models more energy efficient, they also require much less maintenance than models that are years and years old.

Health and Safety Concerns

Old or poorly maintained hot tubs can pose health risks, such as bacterial infections from unclean water. Safety concerns, especially in homes with small children, might also prompt removal.

Changes in Lifestyle or Preferences

People’s leisure preferences can change over time, and what was once a valued relaxation spot might no longer be in alignment with the homeowner’s current lifestyle.

Home Renovation or Landscaping

Spas take up a lot of space in backyards!  While they might seem great when you first purchase them, clients sometimes change their minds with their ideas for their backyard space and choose to get rid of them.

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About the Author: Nicholas Krygier

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