Where Can I Get Rid of a Bad Mattress?

7 Ways Easier Than You Might Think

Getting rid of a bad mattress is as easy as following one of these 7 easy ways.

  1. Municipal Waste Collection
  2. Mattress Recycling Centers
  3. Furniture Stores
  4. Junk Removal Services
  5. DIY Recycling
  6. Landfill Drop-off
  7. Local Community Events

Municipal Waste Collection

Most cities, counties, and municipalities offer some sort of bulk-waste removal service that includes large items like mattresses.  Each city is different in terms of frequency of pick-ups allowed, pricing structure, and maximum amount of volume allowed per visit.

Mattress Recycling Centers

While mattress recycling centers are few and far these days, they still exist in certain counties.  Mattress recycling is an expensive process and only the largest of facilities can profitably remove the metal components from the fabric in a way that makes sense for their business.  That’s why many mattress recycling centers are actually just mattress collectors that take them in bulk to actual recycling facilities.

Furniture Stores

One of the greatest aspects of getting a new piece of furniture or mattress is that they typically have a built-in removal service as well.  They know that removing large and bulky items like mattresses can be a sticking point between making the sale and not.  If you’re purchasing a new mattress, make sure to check with the retailer you’re purchasing from for this option.

Junk Removal Services

The tried and true catch all of trash removal services once again.  Your local hauling company will be able to provide an affordable mattress removal service at your convenience as they do it day in and day out.  Be prepared to provide size of mattress, quantity, if box springs are included, as well as any bed frames.

DIY Recycling

If you really want to go deep and save some pennies, you can check out some YouTube videos for how to properly recycle a mattress.

Landfill Drop-off

Your local landfill will be able to accept your bad mattress.  That being said, depending on state and county, you may have a free drop-off or you may be charged a fee.  Check prior to heading to you local landfill to avoid any surprises.

Local Community Events

Sometimes communities hold events or do outreach to set up mattress drives, where they come to your home and take your old mattress for recycling.  They know that these items are difficult to get rid of so this is a way that communities try to ease that burden.


Getting rid of a bad mattress isn’t as easy as getting rid of a good one.  You don’t have any donation options or reselling / rehoming the bed.  You never know if a mattress is infested with bed bugs, or is soiled, so your only real options is to dispose of it properly. Let us know if you have any mattress or bed removal needs or questions!

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