What To Expect For Your Upcoming Junk Removal Service

From answering the phone to getting the receipt!

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The way I like to run my junk removal business is with systems.  Not only do systems provide a reliable, trusted experience for the client, it also helps to train and grow our team.

When it comes to our process that spans from the initial phone call to getting the receipt at the end of a job well done, we follow a few simple steps.

We Answer The Phone

Not all companies pick up the phone.  We do.  It’s pretty simple.  We want your business, so we figure that it’s probably important to give you the respect of answering the phone.

Schedule A Date And Time For Service

After we’ve figured out what the scope of your project is, after we’ve agreed on a price, we will set a date and time for the service to be completed.  Whether that day happens to be same-day or months in advance, we’re happy to oblige to the best of our ability.

We Text Thirty Minutes Prior To Arrival

Our CRM thankfully has many client friendly features, including automatic texts that let you know when we’re on our way (or thirty minutes or so out)!  You don’t need to be waiting around, wondering if we’re going to show up or not.  If something has happened, God forbid, we’ll have let you know ahead of time.

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We Show Up With A Smile On Our Face

When you hire us to come to your home or business, you can bet that we’re thankful.  We’re happy to be there, and we’re going to show it.  Thank you for choosing American River Hauling over all the other junk removal companies out there.  We’re able to feed our families because you continue to choose us!

We Assess The Situation

After introductions, we’ll go ahead and make sure the pictures look the same in real life.  We’ll agree upon the price prior to starting, shake hands, and get to work.

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We Do The Job

This is the easy part, doing the work!

We Clean

After the jobs all done, we make sure to sweep and clean the space.  We want you to feel that the space that you’ve just cleared isn’t just removed from debris, but it’s a project that’s done and you can move on to something else.

We Walk Through the Job-site With You When We’re Done

After we’ve done the work, cleaned, and double-checked everything, we’ll let you know so we can do a final walkthrough.  Sometimes we miss things, or there was a miscommunication and something was supposed to go but didn’t yet.  That’s the importance of this step!

We Take Payment

After all that we take payment!  We happily accept cash, credit, debit, Venmo, and Zelle!

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About the Author: Nicholas Krygier

Nick is the co-founder / owner of American River Hauling and Junk Removal llc. We take pride in doing what's best for our community, answering the phone, and delivering on promises.