A Sacramento Company’s ‘Landfill Last‘ Approach to Junk Removal

Keeping our rivers and lakes clean, one job at a time

white water rafting on the American river

We LOVE the water.  Whether it’s white water rafting on the American River and traversing spots like Troublemaker (pictured above), spending a day with friends on Folsom Lake, or Stand-Up Paddling down Lake Natoma, it doesn’t matter.  The Greater Sacramento Area has some incredible bodies of water to explore, with a tremendous amount of history to it as well.

And we want to keep it that way, that’s why we do what we can to do our part in providing green solutions to the debris removal industry.

What exactly is our ‘Landfill Last‘ Approach?

The idea is simple: explore all reasonable avenues of disposing items before taking them to the landfill.  Whether that means donating an item to a family in need or a charitable organization, or recycling it at a reputable recycling center, we take pride in taking your junk and finding a home for it that isn’t the Kiefer Landfill.

  • Donate

  • Refurbish

  • Recycle

  • Repurpose

  • Repair

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Whether an item can be donated or not is the first question we ask ourselves when working a job.  There are many charitable organizations that accept lightly used items such as: couches, tables, desks, books, children’s toys, etc..  While each organization is slightly different in their acceptance criteria, American River Hauling and Junk Removal Co. has the insider knowledge to be able to get the right piece to the right location.

If an item we believe would be better suited being donated to an individual or family, we have processes that pair people in need with the items they require.

Do you have a working appliance you’d like to see go to a family in need?  Find out more about our Appliance Donation Program today and see what you can do to help!


Many items that end up on our truck simply need a little TLC.  Whether it’s a bookcase with a broken shelf, or an armoire with a few scratches on it, if an item warrants being refurbished then we’re happy to do so!  A new coat of paint can go a long way, adding a ton of value to a discarded piece of furniture which can in turn be sold to a happy family looking for a deal!  Everybody wins in items that need refurbishment.


Recycling is one of the easiest ways to make sure certain items are properly disposed.  From aluminum cans to scrap metal to plastic, there’s many different facilities in our area, and we do what we can to make sure that everything that can be reasonably recycled, will be.

Are you an Eco-Friendly consumer looking to responsibly dispose of all your junk?  American River Hauling and Junk Removal Co. is here to help!


This one isn’t always as intuitive as the others.  In order to repurpose something, you need creativity, and to be able to see things for what they could be instead of what they currently are.  Some examples of this would be taking pieces of drift wood and turning them into tables, or taking something that had utility previously and turning it into art.  Repurposing things isn’t very common, but we still like to keep our eyes open to it!


Repairing items is one of the most common ways we keep things out of the landfill.  Whenever we come across an item that seems to be in good condition, such as a refrigerator, a nice couch, or a washing machine, we make a point to ask the owners what the issue is.  Sometimes they’ll say that it’s some minor issue that they didn’t want to bother fixing themselves.  In many of those cases, we’ll go ahead and see what we can do to repair the item so we can either resell it and recoup some of the expenses we put into it, or donate to a family in need.

Choose a Junk Removal Company Who Cares

There’s a ton of junk removal companies in Sacramento that will get the job done, a few that will do it well, but only one that offers a level of professionalism and integrity that you just can’t seem to find anywhere else.  If you’re Eco-Friendly like us, make sure you commit to working with other like minded companies so we can all do our part to help keep the Greater Sacramento Area as clean as it can be.

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