How To Get Rid Of An Old Piano

Standard & Creative Ways for Disposing of Your Piano

An old piano can be removed in the following ways:

  1. Sold on an online marketplace
  2. Hiring a Professional Junk Removal Service
  3. Donate or Give Away to a Friend
  4. Recycle

Creative removal ideas include the following:

  1. Repurpose into furniture
  2. Turn into a garden feature
  3. Use for an art project
  4. Community giveaway
  5. Donate to a local theater or church
an old upright piano in a bar

Getting rid of your old piano can be difficult if you don’t know your options.  While some of the ways listed above can be free, they may pose to be quite a bit more difficult than simply hiring a professional piano removal company or passing the buck to someone who’s going to buy it from you or take it off your hands.

Check out the curated list of ways to dispose of your old upright, grand, baby grand, organ, or piano and find out what’s best suited for your situation.

Sell it on an online marketplace

While not many upright pianos have value if they’re older, there are a few brands that could easily be sold for about 20k – 100k. Before you get rid of your old piano, make sure it’s not a Steinway.  Those are the best pianos that you may have inherited from an older family member without realizing.  If you have one, give us a call and we can help broker the sale for you!

Hiring a Professional Junk Removal Service

Licensed and insured junk removal companies have experience removing all kinds of pianos from homes.  Considering how difficult it can be to remove one of these safely on your own, if you’re going to hire a company, give us a call and we can recommend a local company in your area.

A professional junk removal service will remove your piano without dinging your walls, destroying your floors, or breaking the piano.

junk removal company taking an old piano

Donate or Give Away to a Friend

Many times there are family member or friends with young kids who would like to learn the piano.  We recommend asking around to see if you have anyone in your life that would be interested in taking that old piano off your hands.  That being said, you still would need to get it removed.  Check out below to see how to move and dispose of a piano with your friends.


Pianos are almost fully comprised of recyclable materials including wood, metal, and plastic.  Check out your local options for proper disposal sites and scrap yards.  Many of the harps can be recycled, as well as the wood.

Repurpose into furniture

Many times an old piano can be repurposed into something beautiful.  Whether it’s for a home or business, a restaurant or backyard, a piano can be used to hold drinks, hold books, or become a beautiful desk.  The sky is the limit for up-cycling your old piano.  Check out some of the pictures below to see what AI thought of up-cycling could look like for a piano.

up-cycled piano bar

up-cycled piano bar

Turn into a garden feature

Gardens are a great catch-all for interesting items that have outlived their space in the home.  If you have a big enough garden, a creative mindset, and the ability to get the piano outside, this could be a great way to spruce up your outside space.

piano in a garden

Use for an art project

Art can be anything that is interesting to look at and makes you feel something.  How about a fish tank piano?  While it’s definitely not practical, it’s a mash up I’m sure you’ve never seen before.

up-cycled piano fish tank

Community giveaway

While it may take more effort than it’s worth, organizing a community giveaway could be a way to get that old piano off your hands.  Maybe offer the piano as a prize for a contest for someone willing and looking forward to restoring it.

Donate to a local theater or church

While not as many church use pianos anymore, there still are quite a few.  Keyboards are only used at the younger churches, and pianos don’t last forever.  It’s not a bad idea to have some good pictures and to reach out to a church nearby and see if they’re interested — especially if it’s in really good condition.


Getting rid of an old piano can be very difficult.  Not only do you need more than a few people to move it, many of the times you’ll need to enact the services of a professional.  We hope that this post gave you some ideas on how you could either get rid of your old piano or turn it into something new.  If you need junk removal services in your area and would like a quote, fill out the form below!

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