How Many People Do You Need To Lift A Spa?

The Answer May Surprise You

With proper technique, a standard sized hot tub can be lifted safely with 2 people.  However, if you don’t lift or remove hot tubs on a regular basis, we recommend 4-6 strong and able bodied people.

Prepping for spa remover service

Lifting and moving a hot tub can be dangerous if not done properly.  Not only can you cause damage to yourself, but also to nearby property.  While we remove hot tubs on the regular, we’ve learned a few do’s and don’ts over the years that we’d love to share with you.  We don’t recommend anyone move a hot tub without proper training or experience, but to hire a local junk removal company instead.

How Heavy Is An Empty Hot Tub?

An empty hot tub weighs roughly 500 pounds.  Larger spas (5-10 people) can range in weight from 600 – 1250 pounds.

guys lifting a spa

How To Lift A Spa Onto It’s Side

  1. Wear proper safety gear (back brace, steel toe boots, etc.)
  2. Have both people stand on the same side of the spa
  3. Put a 2×4 next to your feet
  4. Lift the spa slightly from the lip of the fiberglass and kick the 2×4 underneath
  5. Drop the spa slowly onto the 2×4
  6. Change your grip from the top to the bottom of the spa
  7. Bend your knees and lift slowly
  8. It will be heavy, but once you get the spa to your knee height, you can rest it on your knees and adjust your grip from puling with your fingers to lifting with your palms
  9. When you get nearly vertical, there should be a balance point that one person can hold
  10. The other person needs to go to the other side and slowly “catch” the spa as it gets lifted the rest of the way

Can 2 People Move A Spa?

2 people can move a spa in most circumstances with proper technique.  There many be some situations where one or more people will be required which include the following:

  • Not enough space to turn the spa on it’s side
  • A spa that is built into a deck
  • An awkwardly shaped hot tub
  • An abnormally heavy spa

guys getting ready to lift a hot tub

How We Do It

The most important aspect of any spa move is going to be your surroundings.

  • How wide is the tightest point of my exit route?
  • Is it concrete the whole way?
  • Are there stairs?

The answer to these questions will determine if you need to tilt the spa on its side, or if you can get away with simply rolling or sliding the spa out of your backyard.

Rolling Technique

The sliding technique involves getting some large and sturdy PVC pipes, and rolling the spa across the backyard like it’s on logs.  It only takes three pipes for this technique, as when you slide the spa forward, you remove the back pipe and move it to the front and continue sliding.  This only works if you have a wide enough space and don’t need to tilt the spa on its side.

Sliding Technique

The sliding technique is best for when spas need to be moved over grass or other similar surfaces and you don’t have as wide of a space.  We recommend the spa sled to use as inspiration to go ahead and build your own like we did.

4 people getting ready to lift a spa

Hot Tub Dolly Rental

Using a hot tub dolly is an excellent solution when choosing to move your spa.  It’s what many professionals use.  If you’d like to rent a hot tub dolly, we recommend checking out your local hardware store for rental options.  There may be hot tub moving trailers available for your convenience as well.

Can 4 People Move A Spa?

4 people can easily move a standard sized spa.

The most common way we move a hot tub with 4 people is to lift one side, slide a long 2×4 underneath, then lift the other side and slide another long 2×4 underneath.  From there, each person can grab the 2×4 and carry the spa to wherever you need it.


While we don’t recommend you move a spa yourself or with others, this is how we do it.  If you have any questions or would like more information on hiring a local junk removal company and you live in the Greater Sacramento area, give us a call or fill out the form today!

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