How Long Does it Take to Cut Up A Hot Tub?

The Answer Depends On Your Technique

It takes roughly 70 minutes to cut up a hot tub with a reciprocating saw and optimal technique.

spa removal

(Disconnecting, cutting up, and removing a spa can cause severe harm or death. We recommend you contact a professional spa removal company and electrician to disconnect and handle the removal)

Where Most People Go Wrong

After proper disconnection of course, most people don’t cut up hot tubs every other day like our company, which means they make the rookie mistake of cutting the hot tub directly where it is.  We used to use this technique, and we were consistently cutting them up in 90 to 120 minutes. The problem was that we could never take our saw to the ground and get full pieces, so we had to settle for smaller pieces.

beginning to cut up a spa

Using this technique, we took off the middle-top of the sides in chunks almost all the way around the spa.

Turn The Spa On Its Side

After a couple spa removals, we realized that cutting up the spa by the electronics and pump was always difficult.  So what we would do is tilt the spa on it’s side with the pump / electronics side directly on the ground, and then begin to cut the back from the top.  Pictured below is my brother doing just that.  What we’ve since learned to do is to tilt the spa on the side right away (after disconnecting) and begin cutting.

spa on its side

Cut From The Back

From here would would go behind the spa and cut from the top down, in square chunks that were manageable.  It’s only once you’re able to get the wood frame on the bottom where you’re able to get larger chunks.  When you find yourself cutting up a spot where it doesn’t move, that means you probably are by a plastic tube and either need a new blade or just to hold it a bit longer.

The Long Last Piece

After you’ve cut large pieces from your spa from the top down, you’ll be left with a piece that is full width, containing the pump and electronics.  We recommend two person lifting this and putting it onto a dolly, then taking to your dumpster.

spa removed after being cut up


After you’ve taken all the pieces to the trash or dumpster, make sure to clean up the foam.  We recommend using a shopvac and a broom.

clean area after a spa cut up


Congratulations!  You’ve just learned how to cut up a spa!  Take some pictures and share with your friends!  Your space is now clear for all sorts of other backyard items.

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