How Can I Get Rid of an Old Shed?

3 Types of Businesses or Professionals That Can Help

Get rid of an old shed by safely dismantling it yourself or by contacting one of these 3 types of businesses:

    1. Junk Removal Companies
    2. Demolition Contractors
    3. Local Handyman
old shed in the grass

Hire A Professional

Demolition Contractor

Reaching out to a contractor can sometimes feel like reaching out to a black hole.  We’ve all heard it before from our friends working on their remodels, “I just can’t seem to get a hold of anybody!”  And one of the reasons why that is, is because there just isn’t enough of them and they have enough work.

That being said, they get to be really selective when choosing what projects to take on.  And sadly, unless the shed in your backyard is of sufficient size, it wouldn’t qualify for them as being worth it.  Being licensed and insured to operate heavy and expensive equipment, it makes most sense to fill their schedules working on higher margins projects that require that equipment.

When times are slower, however, you may just get lucky to get a call back and have them accept the project.

Pros: Most Experience
Cons: Most Expensive

contractor getting rid of an old shed

Local Handyman

Local Handyman are great for many household projects.  Praised for their versatility, handyman can pretty much do anything.  Finding a licensed handyman that is worth his salt and isn’t completely booked is also a rare find.  People hold on to the handymen they work with and don’t let go!  There’s so many households that rely on the work of a handyman, that the good ones are rare.

When it comes to removing a shed, a handyman can definitely take care of this project for you –depending on size.  While most handymen work alone, safely dismantling a shed is best performed with a team of people.  Whenever roofs are involved, it’s always best to have more than one pair of eyes and hands.

If you’re lucky enough to know a handyman that is competent, licensed, and not fully booked out for months on months, go ahead and reach out to them first! If you’re simply looking online for a handyman, check reviews.  Odds are, if a handyman isn’t busy– it’s because he’s not good enough to get repeat work, or he’s new and building his clientele.

Pros: Least Expensive
Cons: Safety Concerns

handyman shed demolition

Junk Removal Company

Junk removal companies — while not the least expensive option to get rid of an old shed — are the sweet spot for everything else.  Yeah, we’re biased, but I stand by my reasoning.

When it comes to price, they’re not going to be as expensive as hiring a demolition contractor, and yet they’re probably going to be a little bit more expensive than your local handyman.

When it comes to safety, they’re going to be set up for success because they always roll in teams.  There will never be a reputable junk removal company coming to remove your shed with only one guy.  That being said, it will not only happen quicker, but safer.

If you’re looking to hire a local company to get rid of an old shed, feel free to reach out!  We’re happy to help.

Pros: Safe and Competitive Pricing
Cons: Not the Least Expensive

taking down a shed


Hiring the right professional to get rid of an old shed on your property is going to depend on who you can get a hold of and your budget.  All three of these options are viable, but you may have better luck with the junk removal companies over the handymen, and then the contractors.

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