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Junk Removal for Senior Living Communities

Senior Living Communities are a special place, and American River Hauling and Junk Removal Co. honors that with a consistent level of friendliness, professionalism, and safety.  Currently working with multiple Senior Communities spanning from Elk Grove, to Folsom, and all the way to Granite Bay, we know what it takes to be able to provide you with the service that you require.

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Key Qualities a Senior Living Community Needs in a Junk Removal Company

  • Insured

  • Affordable

  • Friendly

  • Professional

  • Safety Conscious

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The first question you should ask a potential junk removal company is if they are adequately insured.  Some insurance policies cover damage done to the property while some do not.  For example, if an employee was backing up the truck and damaged the clients side mirror.  Depending on the level of coverage, that may not be included.  Be sure to ask if the company is bonded, or if their insurance covers damage done to the property the junk removal company may be working at so that you can protect your organization.

A debris removal company that is insured might not only be a requirement of your organization, but it also provides peace of mind that you are hiring a legitimate company that employs a level of professionalism that is not always found within the industry.  If you are unsure and want to ask for the certificate of insurance, it is well within your right to do so, and any legitimate junk removal company will be happy to provide that for you right away.


Affordability is of the utmost importance when choosing which waste management company to build a relationship with.  Senior Living Communities have the potential for a high amount of volume, in terms of jobs required per month, and if your organization is responsible for the bill it’s important you find a legitimate company with competitive rates.

When it comes to the price ranges you’ll find with junk removal companies, there will be a huge span.  Companies on the lower range tend to not be adequately insured, licensed, and in turn employ a level of professionalism unsuitable for your organization.  When it comes to the mid range companies, what you may tend to find companies that are insured but not sufficiently.  You’ll find companies with individuals that may not represent the level of professionalism you expect when conducting business at your community in terms of dress code and hygiene.  You may find a level of organization that lacks in comparison to the higher tier companies, with service windows ranging from 3 – 5 hours.  While you may save on the bottom line in the short term, if something significant were to happen on site and they were insufficiently bonded, you could be in significant financial trouble.

If you choose to hire a high quality junk removal company, you can have peace of mind that there will be no surprise expenses.  Fully uniformed and professional, any interaction an employee may have with a resident will be courteous and friendly.

Unexpected Costs Between Junk Removal Companies

Company with Lowest Up Front Cost

The chance for a surprise cost at the end due to low level of professionalism is high.  Also, while you may be saving the most up front, the potential for risk and extra expenses is high due to insufficient or non-existent insurance.

Average Company

Pricing is agreed upon upfront, however, there are often surprise costs due to lack of proper estimation.  Also, level of coverage may not be adequate for a significant injury or damage to property.

Professional Company

Prices are agreed upon upfront and won’t change.  Fully covered, no accidents will cause your organization additional resources


With any vendor your organization contracts, it’s vital that they place an emphasis on friendliness.  Whether walking through the halls, sharing an elevator, or working in a resident’s unit, there will many points of contact between your vendor and residents.  When it comes to your residents, it’s important to offer them a level of comfort that is only added to when working with companies that emphasize friendliness.  Whether that simply includes a smile, or holding a door open for a resident as they’re passing, these small details are what make the relationship between a junk removal company and senior living community work even smoother.  Residents will see the familiar faces and uniforms and be happy, rather than feel uncomfortable.

With the higher-tier junk removal companies you’ll see an emphasis on customer service, which includes interaction with whomever they may run into on a job site.  They will be trained to offer consistency in their demeanor, providing you will comfort that whomever you’ve hired to walk the halls of your organization will not be subtracting to your residents experience, but adding to it.

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The level of professionalism you’ll find between waste management companies varies significantly.  Everything I’ve gone over so far either adds up to a high or low level professionalism.  When working with vendors, especially ones that may be resident facing, it’s important to make sure they have a level of professionalism appropriate for the job.

Professionalism includes being fully prepared for a job, including having the required licensing and insurance.  It also includes all the potential equipment and tools that might be necessary for a job.  When a junk removal company comes on site, are they able to finish the job without significant strain?  If not, maybe you should contract a company that has invested in the proper equipment that allows for less strain and less potential for injury.

The billing process should be simple as well.  While all companies will accept cash, only the higher tier hauling companies will be able to offer sufficient invoices and receipts for your record keeping that you need.

Safety Consciousness

Whenever you’re hiring a vendor, it’s crucial that you hire one that takes appropriate safety precautions.  As I’ve stated earlier, many of the lower tier junk removal companies will tend to not focus on safety, therefore leaving you vulnerable due to their lack of insurance.  They may not have the proper equipment to be able to safely remove the furniture or appliances that may need to be taken out of the resident’s space.  Additionally, it’s common for the higher level organizations to provide you with two employees when showing up for a job.  This allows for easier lifting of heavy objects, as well as for quicker service.

Always make sure your debris removal vendor has the proper equipment necessary to handle a job.  Do they have dollys, straps, braces, moving blankets, ramps, etc.?

Considering todays climate, it’s also necessary to make sure that your guests are being protected from Covid-19 and the Delta Variant by having all vendors comply with your mask procedures.  Not all companies do this as a business practice, and it’s important to hire the safest companies that choose to employ a level of safety that will keep your residents protected.

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