Can A Hot Tub Be Removed?

Yes, And Some Of Your Options Are Even FREE!

A hot tub can be removed in the following ways:

  1. DIY Disposal
  2. Professional Junk Removal Service
  3. Sell or Give Away
  4. Trade-In
Prepping for spa remover service

DIY Disposal

Doing it yourself is always going to be the cheapest option.  Some thing that always confounds me is when we have prospective clients call us, ask us how much it costs to remove their hot tub, and then they say ‘no thanks,’ and that they could do it for less themselves.  Well of course!  You don’t have to pay commercial auto insurance yourself, workers comp, general liability insurance, and it didn’t cost you $20 when you clicked your own ad on Google just to get yourself on the phone!

If you’re going to do it yourself, make sure you follow thorough instructions that are safety focused.  Disposing of a spa holds many dangers including electrical, the sheer amount of weight being moved, and eye and lung damage just to name a few. That being said, always wear PPE and take advice from a professional.

Professional Junk Removal Service

While it may be cheaper to do it yourself, you can remove a spa with the touch of a finger on your cellphone going this route.  We understand that all our clients are in different places and have different constraints, for the clients that have resources but not time, give a local insured and reputable junk removal company a call.  Make sure that you talk to them for a bit and ask them questions about the process to get a feel if they have done this a thousand times or just once.  That last thing you want is a company taking chances with bulky and dangerous items on your property.

company removing a spa

Sell or Give Away

If your spa is in good condition, you may be surprised on how much money you could get from it.  While we don’t typically do this, we’ve received spas from clients before that we have sold.  We told our clients before hand and they didn’t mind, as they simply wanted it gone and didn’t care what happened.  In fact, they even liked that we would make a little bit extra money and keep it out of the landfill.

Check your local marketplace for current prices of old spas and see if you could garner a premium price by including delivery and pairing up with a junk removal company who might be able to move it for you.

Landfill Drop-off

This is where old and sad spas go to die.  Your local landfill is very warm and welcoming, taking all old spas with open arms.  Make sure you reach out to your local landfill before hand as you may receive different rates depending on whether your spa is cut up or in one whole piece.  Prices will also vary depending on location.


You can get rid of a spa easily once you know your options.  The worst part about difficult disposal problems is not knowing all the choices that lie at your fingertips.  We hope that this brief blog post shed some light on some of the ways you can do so.

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